Festival Opening Concert


Calling all Choirs, Drama Groups, Ensembles and Soloists, come and celebrate the opening of this years Festival held on Monday 30th May!

Applications to perform at the opening evening are still open, and there is no fee for this. Participants in any genre, or a combination of music and drama, are welcome so long as their performance is inspired by any of the 2 sets of BBC Ten Pieces – check out the links below or alternatively go to the BBC websites for lots of ideas and resources.



If you’re not inspired by anything that the BBC suggest, what about something inspired by royal celebrations and birthdays? The Festival is affiliated to the British & International Federation of Festivals, of whom Queen Elizabeth II is a patron. In honour of the Queen’s 90th birthday, participants in our Opening Concert may perform anything related to Royalty or the Queen’s Birthday! There is a variety of music related to royalty, and applications to perform at the opening evening are still open. 

Although the evening is non-competitive, Andrew Nunn will be providing information adjudications to all.

Please send applications by email to info@aberdeenmusicfestival.com

Be Creative. Be Inspired, Join In.



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