Welcome to Aberdeen & North East Music Festival 2016

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Firstly, we would like to welcome you to the Aberdeen and North East Music Festival Blog, we hope it gets everyone up to speed on this year’s festival syllabus, performers and classes. Over the next few weeks we’ll have lots of exciting topics to discuss, so keep your eyes peeled.

For those of you who don’t already know, the Festival is a week-long celebration in the North East and celebrates the enjoyment of the Performing Arts. This year, the festival performances are in the  first week of June, running from the 30th May-3rd June 2016. The classes run throughout the day in three sessions – morning, afternoon and evening. However, for many, festival preparations are year round, especially for the performers, teachers, and festival organisers!

Everyone is encouraged to get involved in the Festival and there are several different ways you can take-part. Many join the festival as a performer; the Syllabus is published at the beginning of the year, with 500 different classes to choose from. For anyone starting out with their musical journey this is an exciting opportunity to get involved and showcase your talents.

The festival is always looking for enthusiastic volunteers throughout the year however especially during the busy run up and festival week.

And, of course, you can join the festival as an audience member. We have fantastic shows running throughout the week and it’s a great opportunity for you to support the amazing musical talent within the North East

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Every performer receives an adjudication from a professional musician/dramatist on their performance, be it competitive or non-competitive, giving them positive and helpful feedback! Again this is essential for anyone who is starting out or has a keen interest in continuing their musical journey.

There are a variety of trophies and money prizes available as a result of donations from our very kind supporters.  This year we are lucky to have Kawai  sponsoring the Festival and putting a piano into every venue that the Festival is using as well as a full CONCERT GRAND PIANO going into the piano competition venue. In addition to this, Kawai has kindly donated a £300 PRIZE to the winner of the Challenge Cup!

Kawai guts (1)

We hope to see you all at this year’s Festival and enjoy it as much as we do.

The festival will be running from 30th May-3rd June and takes place in venues across Aberdeen. For more information visit the website or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.




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